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Pass the Ps Please!

November 17, 2015This article is unfortunately not for the health-conscious — it’s not about having healthy vegetables such as peas passed around the dining table, nor is it about teaching children manners. The Ps in this article have to do with P-qualities of what makes preschool teachers truly effective teachers. Regardless of whether you are a school administrator on the lookout for that gem of a preschool teacher you’d love to get on board your teaching team, or a parent searching for that preschool teacher to whom you would peacefully entrust your precious child three hours each day, or an early childhood educator yourself wanting to soul-search and see if you are indeed cut out for this job, then this is a must-read for you!

Bringing Marvels of Technology Inside the Classroom

November 17, 2015Introducing technological products and trends in the classroom is currently creating a huge impact in schools all over the globe. However, using tablets in the classroom is not as easy as bringing a printed textbook for students to read and work on. Introducing and designing lessons with technology integration requires creativity, careful planning, and a huge amount of patience.

Practices in Managing BYOD or 1:1 Classes

November 17, 2015When I first used tablets in class, I experienced the worst-case scenario: the devices could not connect to the Wi-Fi network. My usually attentive class transformed into a noisy crowd, with whispers of “My tablet isn’t working” being heard from every corner of the classroom. Using tablets and other mobile devices introduces the class into an even bigger world of learning. Whether it’s a 1:1 or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system, with this innovation comes the challenge of managing a classroom that uses tablets. As educators, we must know that effective and efficient classroom management is crucial in leading students to achieve the set learning goals.