Corrective Reading Decoding

Grade Level

Grades 3 to 12


The program:
• Encourages students to read fluently, accurately, and expressively.
• Teaches sound-spelling relationship to beginning readers to develop their reading strategies for sounding out words and applying those strategies in context.
• Introduces new words and promotes word discrimination. Students build fluency and comprehension by reading stories of increasing length and difficulty.
• Helps learners bridge the gap between advanced word-attack skills and the ability to read textbooks and other informational material.
• Allows students to learn more than six hundred (600) vocabulary words and read a variety of texts that prepares them to read in all content areas.
• Offers an engaging and interactive review to help learners master key skills with frequent practice activities and games directly linked to daily lessons.


1. Student Workbook
2. Teacher’s Materials
• Presentation Books
• Teacher’s Guide
• Practice and Review Activities CD-ROM

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