English in Perspective

  • Maria Alicia Bustos-Orosa
  • Laura Dela Cruz
  • Virginia Rollins-Natividad
  • Eden Regala-Flores
  • Aireen Barrlos-Arruco
  • Dinah F. Mindo

Grade Level

Grades 7 to 10

Copyright date



  • Teaches learners to demosntrate communicative competence through their understanding of various types of literature and other text types for a deeper appreciation of Philippine culture and of ther countries
  • Follows a spiral progression and developmental sequence in presenting language and literary concepts
  • Reinforces media literacy activities or technology-based activities related to the lessons
  • Adopts the best practices related to the communicative language teaching (CLT) approach
  • Adopts contemporary interpretations of the communicative competence teaching model




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