Sing, Sketch, Stretch, and Stay Healthy

  • Lina M. Battad
  • Elvira C. Garcia
  • Maria Germelina R. Limpin
  • Gilbert C. Yang, M.D.
  • Jocelyn Margaret A. Ruzol
  • Marianne A. Bada
  • Charito F. Cano
  • Laura R. Jugueta
  • Maria Theresa P. Ortega
  • Gerald A. Victoria
  • Mildred Celestra Gemperoso
  • Crizanne Marie N. Montecastro
  • Marie Michelle G. Manigque
  • Joan T. Rivera

Grade Level

Grades 1 to 6


  • Encourages learners to express their creativity through four areas: singing and playing musical instruments (Sing); creating uninhibited artworks and projects (Sketch); performing rhythmic exercises and innovative dances (Stretch); and indulging in imaginative play or sports (Stay Healthy).
  • Aligns with the learning continuum of Music, Art, Physical Education (PE), and Health in line with the frameworks of the K to 12 Curriculum by the Department of Education.
  • Encourages positive values, attitudes, and skills in pupils through the improvement of selfhood, human relations, sense of social responsibility, and promotion of good and healthy living.
  • Includes a new component called Concepts and Connections, a list of concepts that were tackled at the end of each chapter followed by real-life connections related to everyday living.

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