Statistical Literacy for Lifelong Learning 2nd Edition

  • Regina M. Tresvalles
  • Shirlee R. Ocampo
  • Frumencio Figuerres Co
  • Rechel Guino Arcilla


  • Focuses on conceptual understanding of real-life statistics and compliant to the K to 12 senior high school (SHS) core course on Statistics and Probability
  • Covers topics on the areas of descriptive statistics, probability, probability distributions, and inferential statistics
  • Includes a new feature on junior high school statistics concepts on descriptive statistics, techniques discussion of discrete probability distributions (binomial, hyper-geometric, Poisson, uniform, negative binomial, geometric) as well as continuous normal distribution.
  • Helps students appreciate the usefulness of statistics and enable them to become reflective lifelong learners and responsible users of statistics.
  • Contains numerous supplemental inquiry-based activities and investigations suitable for any learning framework (transformative learning) or design plan (Understanding by Design).
  • Worktext comes with detachable exercise sheets for additional practice and in-depth understanding.

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