SRA Reading Laboratory 2.0

Grade Level

Grades 1 to 6


Digital, Interactive, and Personalized

  • A digital and interactive reading practice program based on the classic SRA Reading Laboratory print program 
  • Features innovative 21st century digital and social skills and can be used for individual or small groups before,  during, after school, and even at home 
  • Challenges students with informational and literary  text in different genres based on their interest 

The Program:

  • Develops independent and confident readers 
  • Improves students’ Lexile scores through access to complex text that stretches them to “level up”
  • Enhances comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, word analysis, and study skills 
  • Fosters critical thinking and text evidence with engaging 21st century  community and writing features
  • Creates a deeper understanding of short  reads with hidden “secrets” and text-dependent questions
  • Classroom management of student details and  classroom roster
  • Tools to help teachers customize and make informed instructional decisions
  • Reports on Lexile level, student progress, standards, skills, and fluency


• Classroom management of student detail and classroom roster
• Tools to help teachers customize and make informed instructional decisions
• Reports on Lexile level, student progress, standards, skills, and fluency.

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