The trusted Tools to excel
It provides individualizing and multilevel instruction and development of reading and other competencies.

As the exclusive distributor of the Science Research Associates (SRA) in the Philippines since 1965, Abiva makes SRA available to Filipino learners for almost 50 years now.

Such is our enduring commitment when it comes to giving the best learning tools for educators and learners.

The phenomenal SRA Reading Laboratory is the first learning lab introduced by Abiva in response to the country’s educational policy of making every child a reader. It remains to be among the most respected leveled reading programs worldwide benefiting over 100 million learners from more than 62 countries.

Abiva is the Home of the sra-icon in the Philippines

“SRA online [SRA 2.0] is a welcome change from its printed format. Students have so much fun reading the selections as well as playing the bonus games. Aside from the fun, their comprehension level has significantly improved especially that the learners seriously take the encouragement to read on their own beyond class time. Given the benefits, we will continue to subscribe to this program in the coming school year.”

– Lourdes S. Abad
Chairperson, Department of Arts and Humanities
Miriam College High School