Reading and Writing in the Academe and Workplace

Camilla D.J. Vizconde, PhD, Honorata S. Dayao, ME, Jeffrey V. Engracia, ME

Grade Level

Senior High School 11 & 12


  • provides reading materials and exercises that enable students to obtain and retain information, comprehend and analyze information, and practice reading and writing skills
  • divided into two parts: Reading and Writing in the Academe and Reading and Writing in the Workplace — both of which provide a practical view of situations and experiences in the place of work
  • lessons in Reading are divided into three major clusters: Reading for the Insutry, Reading for Wellness, and Reading for the Arts while Lessons in Writing are also divided into the following major clusters: Writing for Service-Oriented Occupations
  • concludes each unit with the Check component which provides summative test and reflections based on the understanding from each lesson

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